Barton Christmas Festival

Barton Christmas Festival is an annual event and is usually held on the last weekend of November.  Historically it has been a two-day event, with the opening on the Friday evening and the main events carrying on into Saturday afternoon, but for 2008 it reverted to a one day event held on the Saturday.  Many people turn out to see the Salvation Army Band open the festival and then peruse the stalls and shops.  In a bid to make the festival more of a traditional festival fairground rides are to be kept to a minimum from now on.  Local pupils are usually called upon to switch on the Christmas tree lights.  Santa usually visits the town, often pulled by his reindeer (but sometimes by other means), and he usually sets off from Tesco's at 2pm.  He leads the parade up Fleegate, along and down High Street, up King Street and into George Street where he usually parks his reindeer in a ready made compound.  There is also usually a second parade, a lantern parade, from local children.  This sets off from the same place but later in the day.  There are usually plenty of stalls, street entertainment and things to eat and do.

The Salvation Army Band opening the festival with carols. The charity stalls along the top of High Street.
The Salvation Army Band opening the festival. The charity stalls along the top of High Street.
Santa passing 51 Fleetgate Santa and his reindeer
Father Christmas passing 51 Fleetgate Father Christmas being led by his reindeer

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