The Temperance Hall (Assembly Rooms)

Temperance Hall Click to enlarge.

The Temperance Movement was established nationally in the 1830s and a Temperance Society was formed in Barton in 1837. It purchased a plot of land on New Road (Queen Street) and erected a large hall at a cost of 700. The lecture hall of the building could seat 400. It was used for temperance meetings, holding the County Court and as an annex to the National School opposite. It was closed in 1903 and offered for sale.
It was sold and reopened as the Assembly Rooms. In January 1906 the Assembly Rooms were purchased by the parish church for use as a church hall.
In 1967 the Assembly Rooms were closed and became derelict. In 1974 the building was sold and converted into a night club, complete with bars and other attractions. (It had also been suggested that it should be demolished to make way for a car park) In 1976 the lease was acquired by Glanford Borough Council and it was reopened as the Assembly Rooms.

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