St Mary's Church Tower Roof

Here is the view of the four points of the compass of Barton upon Humber from the top of St Mary's tower. To see a larger picture click on the thumbnail.

St Mary's looking North Looking North

You can see the Humber Bridge in the distance. In the foreground is the back of the houses on Marsh Lane and just beyond that is Tangarth Close.

St Mary's looking East Looking East

You can just make out Kimberly-Clark in the distance. The company made an excellent effort of making their building blend in with the surroundings. In the foreground is Pasture Road and Falklands Way is in the centre of the image.

St Mary's looking South Looking South

In the distance is Baysgarth Park and to the right is the Old Mill. To the left is Whitecross Street and in front is St Mary's Lane.

St Mary's looking West Looking West

Running straight down the centre of this image is High Street with Junction Square in the distance. To the left is the bottom of King Street and to the right you can just see the top of the Post Office, the Police station roof and Odd Fellows' Hall.

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