Books on the History of Barton

The following list includes those books published by the Barton on Humber Branch of the Workers' Educational Association which will be of interest to anyone wishing to know ,ore about the history of the town. Those which are out of print can be borrowed from Barton Library, those in print and forthcoming from Geoff Bryant, 8 Queen Street, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5QP (Please make cheques payable to 'Barton WEA').

Bryant, G.F. The Early history of Barton on Humber (1994) ISBN 0 900959 09 6 (out of print)
This 160 page book explores the history of Barton from the Prehistoric period, through Roman and Anglo-Saxon times, and finishes with a study of the town as revealed in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Bryant, G.F. The Medieval Churches of Barton on Humber (2003) ISBN 0 900959 17 7 (available from 20th Nov price 5.00 plus p & p)
A copiously illustrated account of the history of Barton's two churches - St Mary's and St Peter's from 1086 up to the reformation.

Russell, R.C. Great Changes in Barton on Humber : 1793 - 1900 (2002) ISBN 0 900959 19 3 (price 7.00 plus p. & p.)
This 112 page book describes the transformation of the town in the 19th century as a result of the enclosure of the open fields, the massive increase in population, the development of schools and education, and the achievements of Methodism.

Bryant, G.F. Barton Remembered 1939 - 1945 : Part One - Lest We Forget (1997) ISBN 0 900959 11 8 (out of print)
Biographies of the 54 men and women from Barton who died during the Second World War.

Bryant, G.F. and Tyszka, D.M. Barton Remembered 1939 - 1945 : Part Two - The Home Front (1998) ISBN 0 900959 12 6 (Very nearly out of print - only two left)
A 171 page book describing life in Barton during the Second World War. Topics covered include - the War Defence Services, Everyday life, Leisure, Schooling, and Industry.

Bryant, G.F. Barton Remembered 1939 - 1945 : Part Three - Those Who Came Back (2000) ISBN 0 900959 15 0 (price 6.00 plus p. & p.)
Biographies of over 100 of those Barton men and women who variously served the armed forces, were taken prisoner, or went down the mines during the Second World War.

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