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During my search for Barton-related items I often come across items which I do not recognise or photographs of Barton people I do not know.  This is where you, the reader, may be able to help.  This page will show certain "unknown" items in the hope that someone out there will recognise it or the person/people concerned.  I often think, especially in the case of old photographs, that it is such a shame that the actual family of the person/people in photographs probably don't recognise them and would pass them by if they did not know they were related.  If you think you can help please email with any information.

Below you will see an image of a man who had his picture taken by G. Hardy of Queen Street in Barton upon Humber.  George Hardy was a Tailor and Draper on Queen Street from around 1855 (after moving his business from Old Market Lane) to around 1876, after which time he was recorded as a private resident on the same street.  His tailoring business must have been successful as in 1861 he employed one man and three boys, and in 1871 he employed 3 men and one boy.  He does not appear to have been married but lived with his parents and a housekeeper.  Of course the big question is - is the picture below of George Hardy himself or of someone who was visiting.  I feel it was probably a visitor, and as people didn't have the means to travel far around this time it is likely to be someone local.  Do you know who this is, or do you recognise them?

The mystery man in the photograph. Details of the mystery photograph.
The mystery man who had his photo taken by George Hardy. The back of the photograph clearly showing G. Hardy of Queen Street.


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