Haunted Barton

There are many strange tales of hauntings in and around Barton. Some, all or none may be true. The following are a brief description of some of them, they are all tales handed down over generations and may not be true, you will have to make your own minds up.

Little Sidney
Providence house was once an Orphanage run by the National Children's Home. On one Saturday in October 1922 all the little boys were told it was time for a bath. This is when the tragedy struck. Sidney Conway, a 6 year old boy, fell in a bath of hot water and was badly burned. Four days later, on Tuesday 31st October, the little boy finally died from pain and shock.
There have been numerous reports of strange happenings in Providence House including revolving book stands, the sound of a childs cry and much more. This is not a malicious ghost, just one that wants to be friends.

Two Strangers
In 1777 a gentleman and a lady appeared in Barton. The gentleman bought a house for the lady and provided for her. The lady never socialised with anyone and the gentleman moved away. Tragically the lady died during childbirth. The gentleman returned and was devastated to hear the news. He left with the child never to return. He did, however, pay for her tombstone and burial in St Peter's churchyard. Does she still haunt the churchyard today? To see the results of the inbarton experiment to find ghosts in the St Peter's graveyard click here.

The Tatterfoal
The Tatterfoal appears in the form of a rough-coated horse that haunts (or haunted) the marshes around Barton. Terrified witnesses describe it as having glowing red eyes and sounds like either a grating coffin lid or rattly chains. The Tatterfoal was said to lead unwary travellers into the bogs and to try and drown children. The ringing of the Barley Bell was said to frighten off boggarts and nasty spirits but unfortunately this stopped in 1860. Beware..

The Gray Lady
(Doesn't every haunted town have one?) The gray lady is said to haunt the grounds of Baysgarth Park. Many years ago in the stables (which is now part of the museum) it is said that a lady died trying to rescue her horse from the stables which had caught fire. She is still said to walk the grounds of the park on certain nights.

This is by no means the total of all the strange happenings in Barton upon Humber.
If you want to find out more about the Ghosts of Barton there is a publication available called "Scandals and Legends of Barton-upon-Humber" priced 2.50 available from Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire. Also you may want to go on the Barton Ghost Walk, details are in the events page.

If you have any ghost tales you would like to share then email then to info@inbarton.co.uk and they may appear on this page.

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