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All the following local history and general local books are offered for sale at very reasonable prices. All the books are second hand but are in very good condition (unless otherwise stated) . Many of the books about Barton and Lincolnshire are now out of print but inbarton is giving you the chance to obtain the copy you want, or the one you are missing. If you are interested in any of the books please email help@inbarton.co.uk with the name and code of the book(s) you are interested in and I will reply with payment details.  Please note in most instances there is only one copy of each book so they will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.  For other ad-hoc items click here.

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Barton (and surrounding area) Books
Barton Remembered 1939 - 1945
Part Two - The Home Front

Geoffrey F. Bryant and Dinah M. Tyszka (1998)

ISBN 0 900959 12 6

BR02 Contents :-
1) The War Defence Service
2) Everyday Life
3) Leisure
4) Schooling
5) Industry
6) Addendum to Part One

171 pages illustrated throughout.  This A4 size book is in very good condition and is out of print, making it increasingly difficult to find.
This book may have a very small previous owners sticker inside the front cover.

4.00 3.30   1st class 2.90   2nd class
The Early History of Barton on Humber The Early History of Barton on Humber

Geoffrey F Bryant (1981)

EHB01 Contents :-
1) The Setting
2) Prehistoric Barton
3) The Barton Area During Romano-British Times
4) The Pagan Saxon Period
5) Middle and Late Saxon Barton
6) St. Peter's Church
7) The Domesday Book and what it tells us about Barton in 1086 and before.

74 pages illustrated throughout.  This A4 size book is in very good condition. This book is now out of print, making it increasingly difficult to find.
6.00 1.50   1st class 1.40   2nd class
Lincolnshire Books
Bayonets and Blue Flames
Surviving Palestine, North Africa, Crete and Stalag IVB

By Tom Barker & James Barker

ISBN 9781507690659
  Tom Barker’s first and most important goal as a young lad was to avoid the wrath of his Dad, and his Dad’s belt. Growing up in a small town in Lincolnshire, England during the 1920s, Tom left school at the age of fourteen to work at the local bike factory. He quickly grew bored of the mundane work, and quit. In 1938 Tom found himself digging ditches in Scotland during a very cold winter. Tom decided the only way up was to join the British Navy. Walking into the nearest recruitment office, Tom was soon enlisted in the 1st Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (the army). Little did he know that he would soon be swapping the Scottish mud, snow and freezing cold, for Palestine and North African sand, flies and burning heat. He would also end up taking part in two of the British Army’s most notable battles of the Second World War (Operation Compass in Egypt and The Battle of Crete – the Germans named it Operation Mercury), and would take part in one of the longest bayonet charges. In May 1941, acting as a sniper on Crete Tom was wounded and taken prisoner. For the next four years he was placed in various prisoner of war (POW) camps in Germany, attempting to escape on a number of occasions. Tom provides great detail of the daily life of a POW, sharing the humour, the absurd and at times the macabre. Told in his own voice Tom takes the reader on a real life journey mixed with humour, action, turmoil and lots of sand. His son James has edited Tom's original memoirs, and also written chapters including background information on Palestine, the Italian invasion of Egypt and the Argylls’ involvement in the Battle of Crete. Available from Amazon

An Industrial Island - A History of Scunthorpe An Industrial Island - A History of Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe Borough Museum and Art Gallery (1981)

ISBN 0 9501569 4 9
AHS01 Contents :-
1) Underground and on the Ground - Scunthorpe before 1800.
2) The Enclosures of Ashby, Crosby, Scunthorpe & Frodingham, Brumby Commons and Brumby Moors.
3) The Villages of the 1850s.
4) The Establishment of Ironmaking at Scunthorpe
5) The Coming of the Railway
6) The Industrial Base 1875-1919
7) The Urban Response 1859-1918
8) Masters and Men - Industrial Relations in the Iron Industry Before 1918
9) Politics 1883-1919
10) The Creation of a new Community.
11) Change and Expansion in Iron and Steel from 1919
12) Scunthorpe on the Ground 1918-1974
13) Politics 1919-1974
14) Education 1914-1974
15) Library Development in Scunthorpe

Appendices :-
1) Scunthorpe Population Statistics
2) Ordnance Survey Maps of Scunthorpe, 1889, 1908, 1938, 1970.
3) Glossary of Iron and Steel Making Terms Used in the Text
4) The Land Awarded at Enclosure
5) Attendance at Religious Worship 30 March 1851
6) Parliamentary Elections 1832-1974
7) Mayors of the Borough of Scunthorpe
8) Schools in Scunthorpe at 1914, 1946, 1961 and 1974.

218 pages, profusely illustrated throughout.  This A4 sized book is in good condition, but does have a mark on the front cover were a previous price tag was..

4.50 3.30   1st class 2.90   2nd class
Cottagers and Cows 1800 - 1892 Cottagers & Cows 1800-1892
The Cow Clubs in Lincolnshire
Charity, Self-help, Self-self-interest.

Rex C Russell (1987)

Barton WEA - no ISBN number
C&C01 Contents :-
1) Reasons for Cow-keeping & the Advantages for Cottagers & for Rate-payers.
2) The start & growth of Cow Clubs.
3) The work of the Clubs: 1860-1879
4) Depression years: 1880-1892
5) A note on Cottagers & Cows after 1900.

This A4 sized book is in very good condition, with the only blemish being the previous owners name on the inside cover.  It has 52 pages including illustrations.
5.00 1.50   1st class 1.30  2nd class
Francis Frith's Lincolnshire

Martin Andrew

ISBN 1 85937 135 3

FFL01 Contents :-
1) Francis Frith: Victorian Pioneer
2) Frith's Archive - A unique Legacy
3) Lincolnshire - An Introduction
4) The North: the Kingdom of Lindsey: Gainsborough to Horncastle
5) Around Lincoln
6) The South West: Grantham and Kesteven
7) The South East: Boston & The Flat Country of Holland
8) Seaside Lincolnshire

119 pages illustrated throughout.  A hardback book in excellent condition. (note - free print voucher has expired)

 3.00 2.60   1st class 2.20   2nd class
Humber Keels
Humber Keels by John Franks plus Sloopmen of South Ferriby.
Memoirs of Fred Harness, Cyril Harrison & T. H. Birkill

Compiled and Edited by Nicholas J. Day (1996)

ISBN 0 9529594 0 2

HK02 Contents :-
Humber Keels (part one)
Humber Keels (part two)
Belle of the Trent
Sloopmen of South Ferriby
Loading Notes
The Humber Keel & Sloop Preservation Society
Membership of the HKSPS

64 pages illustrated throughout - now a very hard-to-find book. A4 size
book with a small scuff mark on the front cover, otherwise in good condition.

6.50 2.00   1st class 1.70   2nd class
Lincolnshire Past & Present

No 65 Autumn 2006

Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology

LPP65 Contents :-
Boston's Guild of St Mary
Belton House Cakes
Barton's Bay Horse
'The Strangers' Illustrated Guide through Lincoln
Irish Connections
H.W.J. Sibthorpe (1784-1807)
Latest Books

20 Pages - A4 size. Brand New

This magazine contains an article on the Bay Horse Pub in Barton (now called the Volunteers' Arms)

1.00 1.50
1st class
2nd class
Living and Learning in Lindsey, Lincolnshire: 1830 - 1890

A History of Adult Education in North Lincolnshire

Rex C Russell (1994)

ISBN 0 85958 024 5

LLL01 Contents :-
1) Opportunities for Adult Education
2) The Mechanics' Institutes
     Mechanics' Institutes & Elementary Education
     Mechanics' Institutes & The Need for 3) Early Closing
4) Mutual Improvement Societies
5)Village & Town Libraries & Reading Rooms
6) Penny Readings in Lindsey: in 1860s and 1870s
    Readings in Louth
    Readings in Gainsborough
    Readings in Tealby
7) The Night Schools
    Louth Free Evening School
8) The Temperance Movement & Adult Education
9) Oxford & Cambridge in Lincoln & Lindsey - The University Extension Movement

    Topics of Lectures at Mechanics' Institutes
    The Mechanics' Institutes in 1892
    Rules of the Yarborough Literary Institution
    Literacy & Illiteracy in Lindsey
    Reading Rooms & Libraries in Lindsey in 1892

This book is in very good (almost 'as-new') condition.

236 pages illustrated throughout. A5 size.

3.50 2.60
1st class
2nd class
Tales of a Lincolnshire Parson

Canon John Swaby (2004)

ISBN 0 9539533 1 9

TLP01 Contents :-
1) Tales Told To Me
2) Stories I Have Read
3) Memories of World War 1 in Wainfleet
4) Louth Imps (Louth Spire)
5) Touches of Tennyson
6) Scunthorpe St. John's Church (A Dream)
7) Memories of Mablethorpe (31st January 1953)
8) Thunder over the Wold
9) A Heave of Churchyards
10) Three Friends
11) Preacher & Sexton
12) Quincentenary
13) Verses Old and New
14) Forty-Two Years

112 pages illustrated throughout.  A5 size in as-new condition.

2.50 1.50   1st class 1.40   2nd class
The Archive Photographs Series - Scunthorpe

Compiled by Reg and Kathleen Cooke (1997)

ISBN 0 7524 076+4 3

APS01 Contents :-
1) Mining and the Iron and Steel Industry
2) Crosby and Frodingham Road
3) Scunthorpe, the High Street to the Trent
4) Frodingham
5) Brumby
6) Ashby
7) The Charter Celebrations
8) Transport
9) People, Places and Events
A Brief Chronicle of Scunthorpe

128 pages illustrated throughout.  A5 size in as-new condition, with slight manufacturing flaws on the back cover.

4.00 2.00   1st class 1.70   2nd class
The History & Antiquities of the Scunthorpe & Frodingham District

Harold E. Dudley F.S.A., F.G.S., F.M.A. (Scunthorpe: Frederick Gough Comprehensive School 1975)

HASFD Contents :-
1) The Foundation on which we Live
2) Workers in Flint and Stone
3) The Age of Metals
4) Prehistoric Pottery
5) Ancient Means of Travel
6) The Coming of the Roman
7) "Spade-Work"
8) Roman Remains at Conesby Cliff
9) The First Englishmen
10) The Dane and the Norman
11) Domesday Book
12) The Land of Norman De Arci
13) The Medieval Church
14) Frodingham Church. Its Rectors and Vicars.
15) Religious Strife
16) War's Alarms
17) Some Local Families
18) The Sheffield Family
19) Village Life
20) Discovery of the Ironstone
21) The Church of St. Lawrence, Frodingham.
22) Religious Expansion
23) The Local Parliament
24) The Growth of Local Education
25) Scunthorpe War Memorial Hospital
26) Brief Notes concerning some of the Churches in the Scunthorpe District
27) The Terriers of Frodingham Church.
28) Brumby Hall. Historical Notes
29) Afterthoughts

This 166 page, A4 size book was originally published in 1931.  This is the 1975 second edition and is illustrated throughout. It is in good condition and is relatively hard to find now.

5.00 2.60   1st class 2.20   2nd class
Kings England Lincolnshire The Kings England - Lincolnshire

Arthur Mee (Hodder and Stoughton 1970)

ISBN 0 340 12728 7

KEL70 This is 1970 updated version of the 1949 book. With 534 places and 118 Pictures. There are 440 pages, illustrated throughout. Book is in very good condition. One of the pictures is of the Saxon Tower of St. Peter's Church in Barton upon Humber. 4.50 3.40   1st class 3.00   2nd class
The Revolt of the Field in Lincs The 'Revolt of the Field' in Lincs.

The Origins & Early History of Farm Workers' Trade Unions

By Rex C. Russell (date unknown)

no ISBN number
RFL01 Contents :-
1) The Background of the Revolt
2) The Dead Come to Life! 1872
3) 1873: Growth ... but Disunity
4) Attack - Counter Attack - Compromise - and Exodus
5) 1875: Justice for All. Injury to None
6) 1876: In Combination is Your Salvation
7) 1877: Depression
8) 1878: Depression Deepens - Difficulties Increase
9) 1879: A Year of Gloom - and Determination
10) 1880 and 1881: We Need Land and the Vote
11) The Results of Agricultural Trade Unionism

Appendices :-
1) A selection of union hymns and songs
2) Farm workers' wages : 1870-1891
3) Examples of emigration notices
4) Village population changes 1871-1891
5) Farm workers' unions' co-operative stores

This A5ish sized book is extremely rare. Undated and with no ISBN number it is certainly out of print. This copy has rust marks from the staples along the spine, but this does not effect the reading part of the book.
10.00 1.80   1st class 1.60   2nd class
Travels in Time through South Ferriby School

Pauline Heathershaw

(no ISBN number)

TTSFS 1874-2005
Travels of Time Through South Ferriby School.

84 pages illustrated throughout. Very difficult to find A4 sized book. The book is in good condition.

5.00 1.80   1st class 1.60   2nd class
Other Local Books
Pie for Breakfast - Reminiscences of a Farmhand

Harry Reffold (Hutton Press 1994)

ISBN 0 907033 17 2

PFB01 From the book:-

"Pie for Breakfast" is the story of Harry Reffold's life as a farmhand in the decade from 1914 to the early "Twenties". The author wrote his story to show that farm life in those days was not as romantic as many people now portray it. Conditions were hard and the working day was long; but with his wry sense of humour, the author shows the farmhands did have fun, and there was always love....
Harry Reffold was born and brought up in the farming town of Driffield in East Yorkshire.

116 pages, in very good condition with illustrations.

2.50 1.50   1st class 1.40   2nd class
When Horses were Supreme - The Age of the Working Horse

Herbert L. Day (Hutton Press 1993)

ISBN 0 907033 30 X

HWS01 From the book:-

Herbert Day was born in 1902 and spent his boyhood on a small farm near Pickering, North Yorkshire. He attended Kirby Misperton School until his eleventh birthday in 1913. Then came a year at home learning to plough and to handle a pair of horses.
In 1916 Herbert Day became a hired farm lad, and from then until 1930 was fully involved in all aspects of practical horse-farming: attending to the horses' keep, organising their work, breaking and schooling young horses; and driving horses yoked to every farm implement and vehicle.

100 pages, very good condition and illustrated throughout.

2.50 1.50   1st class 1.40   2nd class
Other Topographical and Historical Books
Antique and Rare Books
Brighouse and its Co-operative Society

Jon. Caldwell

Printed at the "News" Office
BCS01 Contents :-
Brief History Of Brighouse
I) Introduction and Early Days
II) Our Saxon Forefathers
III) The Manor Courts at Brighouse
(IV) Ecclesiastical History
(V) Educational Institutions and Schools
(VI) Trades and Manufacturers
(VII) Local Government

History of Co-Operative Society
(VIII) The Discovery of Self-Help
(IX) The Origin of the Brighouse Society
(X) The First Store and Its Difficulties
(XI) The Story of the First Bonuses
(XII) Erection of the Central Stores
(XIII) Further Developments
(XIV) A Period of Unrest
(XV) As Others See Us
(XVI) Extensions and Present Position

A very old and rare book in very good condition for its age.  The first few pages have small pencil marks at the very top, but apart from that it is clear of any blemishes.  279 Pages.
15.00 2.00   1st class 1.70
2nd class
Cassell's Lawyer and Business Man's Legal Handbook (special edition)

Two volumes

Volume I and II (1st editions - specially prepared for Subscribers and was not available through general booksellers)

ARB02 Volume one has 568 pages and is in excellent condition.  Volume two has 572 pages and is also in excellent condition.

Due to their weight and size only first class postage is available.

A unique opportunity to own two rare books.

25.00 (the pair) 10.50   1st class n/a
Derbyshire Portraits

Clarence Daniel (1978)
Dalesman Books

ISBN 0 85206 470 5

DP01 Covered by this book are:-
Joan Waste, Margaret Stafford, Dorothy Matley, A Tragic Trilogy, Martha Taylor, Anne Fearne, Hannah Baddaley, Jedediah Buxton, James Brindley, John Whitehurst, Penelope Boothby, Joseph Wright, Grace Murray, Molly Bray, Kitty Hudson, William Newton, Elizabeth Evans, Phoebe Brown, Edward Foster, John Smedley, Samuel Fox and Florrie Carter.

80 pages with illustrations, cover slightly worn but the book itself is in good condition.

1.00 2.00   1st class 1.70
2nd class
Mr Jelly Mr Jelly

Roger Hargreaves

JEL01 Original 1976 first edition of Mr Jelly by Roger Hargreaves.  This little book is in very good condition. 1.50 1.00  1st class 0.80  2nd class
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