The Barton Duck

The Barton Duck

This species of plastic duck was to be found in great numbers along the Barton shoreline during the late 19th century.

Fed on tit-bits of puddled clay and broken brick ends, the Barton Duck thrived and large flocks of over 1000 strong were often to be seen on a cold winters day foraging for food.

Alas, with the decline of the brick and tile industry, the numbers of Barton Duck declined rapidly and this individual is the last of its kind. The species being claimed officially extinct in 1950. This individual above collected at Ferriby was shot and stuffed in 1910.

(taken from the narrative at Baysgarth House Museum)

To see the Barton Duck "in the flesh" visit Baysgarth House Museum, Barton upon Humber.

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