The Changing Face of Barton - Fleetgate

Fleetgate in or around the 1930's - courtesy of Brian Peeps
Fleetgate in or around the 1930's.
(picture courtesy of Brian Peeps)

The street scene in the first and the last pictures are very similar but the actual area has declined dramatically over the years. The main difference is to the left of the images in question. Above the Waggon and Horses Inn stands serving bottled beer but it was demolished just before World War Two to make way for the Hull Savings Bank. In the at the bottom of the page it is being used by St. John's Ambulance.  Most of the shops above have long since gone.  You can just make out the sign on the right for N Mather who was a boot and shoe makers, now a private residence.  On the left, past the Waggon and Horses Inn and a few shops is Thompson's, which is still there today.  This must be one of the few roads or streets in Barton that has actually got narrower in time.

An old view of Thompson's at number 20 Fleetgate.  There are a large number of 78's on display on the window.
(picture courtesy of Brian Peeps)
FW 2559 - an old van of Thompson's of Fleetgate
(picture courtesy of Brian Peeps)

Unlike today, Fleetgate was a busy shopping street in times gone by.  Some of the shops and trades that could be found along it were fishmongers, photographers, dressmakers, mineral water manufacturer (firstly in the White Swan yard and then later in the grounds opposite the junction with Newport), grocers, drapers, newsagents, butchers, boot repairers, picture framers, tailors, ironmongers, builders, joiners, confectioners and toy sellers.  As you can see there was a large variety of goods and services on offer in Fleetgate in the past.

Fleetgate today
A modern picture of Fleetgate

Unfortunately today Fleetgate is not much more than a road leading away from the supermarket and the interchange.  There are very few shops, and the ones that remain are mainly near the junction with High Street.

With special thanks to Brian Peeps for the use of the old images.
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