Barton upon Humber Civic Society


The Barton upon Humber Civic Society is affiliated to the national body for Amenity Societies, the Civic Trust, as well as the Lincoln Federation of Amenity Societies.
The Civic Society aim to promote an interest in Barton's past and future and to take an active role in the way the community develops by cooperating with others to preserve what is good about the town and improve what is poor.
The Civic Society is currently based in the upstairs room of 51 Fleetgate.

Main Aims

  1. To promote an interest in Barton's past and present.
  2. To work in partnership with the community and others.
  3. To safeguard and enhance our rich heritage for future generations.


The Civic Society regularly have talks, lectures and outings on a variety of topics. They have also produced a number of trails around the town which are available from the Society and on this website by clicking here. The Civic Society regularly take part in National campaigns such as Tree Week and Environment Week.

Other Areas

Good marks and awards are awarded each year for good planning and design of buildings. Plaques are also installed on historic buildings.
The Society is coordinated by an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting held in June. Sub-committees undertake a lot of the work. These are the Environment sub-committee and the Heritage sub-committee.
The Society is funded entirely from subscriptions, donations and fund raising. The Society has extensive archives relating to the parish mostly from the late 1960s to the present. Items are stored at 51 Fleetgate and may be studied there (but cannot be signed out).


As a valued member of the society you may...


Various items of local interest are available - please visit the Barton upon Humber Civic Society for more details.

Waterside Walk, Victorian Walk, Georgian Walk are all free from various outlets in Barton including the library etc. (or the Barton Walk section of this website).
Membership forms are available and fees can be paid to the Civic Society treasurer. (or click below for a printable form)

For more information on the Barton upon Humber Civic Society visit their website Barton upon Humber Civic Society.

View the Civic Trust website by clicking here...

Would you like to join the Civic Society? If you would like to join the society it is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Just click here for a printable application form. The subscriptions run from 1st April each year.
If you do decide to become a member of the Civic Society you don't have to do anything, but you will be able to take part in any of the Society's activities and receive a newsletter which will keep you up to date with matters affecting Barton's environment. You will also be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting and eligible to serve on the committee.
Your support is needed to improve and maintain Barton's environment, whether active or passive.

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