Barton Bike Night

Barton Bike Night is usually held on the second Wednesday in July, and has had a record of having mixed weather, from rain in 2005, scorching hot in 2006, to luckily just missing the floods of 2007.  It doesn't seem to matter what the weather is like though as hundreds of bikers regularly turn up for what is fast becoming the best bike night in North Lincolnshire.  The night itself usually starts around 5pm, and by around 7pm the streets are full of bikes.

The format is usually similar every year.  there are usually classic and vintage bikes along Queen Street, with more conventional bikes along George Street, King Street, Market Place, High Street, Junction Square, Cottage Lane, Hungate, Chapel Lane, Market Lane, Ferriby Road, Holydyke, the Butchery, Barrow Road, Maltby Lane and a few on Whitecross Street.  They are usually everywhere.  The trade stalls are usually in the Market Place and on Cottage Lane, and also a few along King Street (which usually adds to the challenge of walking up and down there).  There have also been a few more famous "bikers" at the event including Steve Plater, Mike Grant and John McGuinness.

It is usually a challenge getting a good photograph with the large crowds (and sometimes the wet weather) but the main aim of the event is to give enjoyment to the bikers and the folk of Barton, something which is usually impressively achieved.  People travelled from miles around to visit this ever-popular event and show the sort of support which should ensure many more Bike Nights to come.

A replica of the first motor bike produced. Bikes coming down Ferriby Road
The first ever motorbike (replica) in Queen Street. A sea of bikes entering Barton
Bikes along the top of High Street A large crown of people on High Street
A sea of bikes along High Street. A sea of people looking down High Street.


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