A Snapshot of Barton upon Humber in 1973

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Barton upon Humber in 1973? Have you ever wondered who was selling what and from where? Well inbarton.co.uk has created a snapshot of life in Barton upon Humber in 1973 by listing some of the businesses that were around, and some of the things that were going on.

Barton Businesses

The following table lists some of the businesses that were around and advertising in 1973 (by street):-

Business Name Location Details of Business Other Notes
Birkett's Garage (Barton) Ltd. Whitecross Garage, Barrow Road Garage and Filling Station. British Leyland, Austin, Chrysler U.K. Tel 32152
M. H. Witherington 101 Barrow Road Accountants Tel 32684
Lynnes 15 Bowmandale Drapers Tel 32569
Ferriby's Supermarket Ltd. 17 Bowmandale Supermarket Tel 32209
R. T. Harrison 20 Bowmandale Agent for Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. Tel 32068
G Appleyard 25 Bowmandale Grocer and Florist Tel 32105
F. S. Machin 1 Brigg Road Joiner and Undertaker Tel 32205
Barton Antiques 14 Brigg Road Antiques  
Stamp & Son Ltd Brigg Road Builders and Contractors Tel 32133
Hawthorne Motors Brigg Road Autobody & Mechanical Repairs Tel 32786/32076
Barton Tyre Service Brigg Road New and Remould Tyres Tel 33380
Autocar Car Wash & Auto Valet Brigg Road Car Wash & Valeting Tel 32731/33303.
Burgate Sub Post Office Burgate Post Office  
Lindsey Plumbers The Butchery Workshop and Warehouse  
Atlas McAlpine Co. Ltd Butts Road Chemical Cleaning Tel 32614
Atlas Preservative Co. Ltd Butts Road Paints and Chemical Products Tel 32614
Metalock Ltd Butts Road Cold Casting Repairs Tel 32614
Medical Supply Co. (Barton) Ltd. Butts Road Surgical Equipment Tel 32273
Mrs E Winship 41 Butts Road Piano Teacher Tel 32616
A. & M. Smith 99 Butts Road Grocer Tel 32426
Corner Shop 72 Butts Road Grocer  
A. E. and M. B. Shores 90 Caistor Road Market Gardners Tel 32211
Paqua Services Castledyke South Contract Packing Services  
A. Bromfield 39 Castledyke West Building Extensions, Alternations and Repairs Tel 32644
Screeton Bros. (Barton-on-Humber) Ltd. Castledyke West Sand, Gravel and Builders Merchants Tel 32189
United Brass (Lincs) Ltd. 2 Catherine Street Engineering Stockholders Tel 32323
Lindsey Plumbers 30 Chapel Lane Plumbers & Heating Engineers Tel 32282
Shephardsons Chemical Lane Coach Hire Tel 32287
Barton Broads 19 Chemical Lane Fishing Ponds & Cafe Tel 32237
Albright & Wilson Ltd Chemical Lane Chemical Fertiliser Manufacturors Tel 32345
Central Garage (Barton) Ltd Cottage Lane Motor Engineers & Filling Station Tel 32126
Barton-on-Humber and District Meat Co. Ltd Cottage Lane Abbatoir Tel 32172
Collingwood Engineering Dam Road General Engineers Tel 32388
Collingwood Plant Ltd Dam Road   Tel 32388
East Midlands Gas Board Dam Road Office & Showroom  
Peter Birse Ltd Dam Road Contractors Tel 32559
Mrs I Ward 1a East Acridge Grocer, Confectioner, Tobacco  
J R Ward 1a East Acridge Insurance Agent for Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd.  
Mick Smaller's Coach Services & Hauliage East Acridge Coach Services & Hauliage Tel 32201/32445
P Pape 4 East Acridge Sculptor and Stonemason Tel 32574
The Willows (Lindsay C.C.) East Grove Old People's Residential Establishment Tel 32210
W. Blyth Far Ings Road Brick and Tile Maker Tel 32107
Westfield Lakes Lido Ltd. Far Ings Road Fishing, Caravans, Licenced Premises, Accomodation Tel 32313
Norman Cox Ltd Ferriby Road Motor Engineer and Filling Station. Morris, Wolsley, MG, Vauxhall, and Bedford dealer. Tel 32429
H A Dickinson 58 Ferriby Road Painter and Decorator Tel 32222
H D Field 62 Ferriby Road Builder, Contractor and Designer Tel 32508
C A Hewitt 80 Ferriby Road Nurseryman Tel 32494
F M Beaumont 4 Finkle Lane Plumber and Glazier Tel 32579
Henry Hall 10 Finkle Lane Antiques, Bric a Brac  
Vibrocer Ltd. Fleetgate Manufacturors of Industrial Machinery Tel 32171
Trustee Savings Bank Fleetgate Bank Tel 32430
Barton Super Discount Service 31 Fleetgate   Tel 32318
I Gawtry 35 Fleetgate Fruiterer Tel 33107
Turnbull's 37 Fleetgate Paint, Wallpaper, Do-it-yourself Sales Tel 32371
J. J. French 41 Fleetgate Chemist & Photographic Supplies Tel 32623
Alex King 49 Fleetgate Turf Accountant Tel 32747
F. Clipson 51 Fleetgate Newsagent Tel 32138
The Divan Centre 53 Fleetgate    
Steam Packet Inn Fleetgate Licenced Premises (L.C. Parks) Tel 32355
I Hill 61 Fleetgate Fleetgate sub post office  
H Lacey and Sons 81 Fleetgate Grocers Tel 32188
W H Grassby 91 Fleetgate Newsagent, Confectioner, Tobacco Tel 32592
Station Cafe 103 Fleetgate Luncheons, Teas, Bed and Breakfast Tel 32218
Fossitt & Thorne 109 Fleetgate Wheel Balancing, Tyre Sales, Motor Accessories Tel 32643
A. H. Thompson and Son (Barton) Ltd. 18/20 Fleetgate House Furnishers Tel 32139
P. Alderman 30 Fleetgate Wool Shop  
Smith and Melton 34 Fleetgate Draper and Outfitter Tel 32174
J. E. M. Hair Fashions 44 Fleetgate Ladies' Hairdressing Tel 32699
Fashion Fabrics 48 Fleetgate Draper Tel 32240
H. Canty 52 Fleetgate Sales and Exchanges  
Fleetgate Fisheries 54 Fleetgate Fish and Chips Tel 32353
White Swan Fleetgate Licenced Premises and Off-Licence Tel 32459
British Rail Passenger Services Fleetgate Barton Station  
H. Foster 2 Forkdale Builder and Contractor Tel 32146
George Hotel George Street Licenced Premises (H. W. Sissons) Tel 32433
K. W. Milson 3/5 George Street Footwear and Menswear, Receiving Office Haycroft Laundry (Grimsby)  
S. T. Clark 7 George Street Accountant and Auditor, Agent for Halifax Building Society  
Weaver Wroot & Co. George Street Accountants Tel 32791
Scunthorpe Co-operative Society (Grimsby Area) 9 George Street Groceries, Wines and Spirits Tel 32145
S. M. Hopkins 11 George Street Chemist and Photographic Dealer Tel 32393
K. & R. Vickers 13 George Street Fish and Chips Tel 32708
H. Pinchbeck and Son 15 George Street Electrical Appliances, Sales and Service. Records. Public Address Equipment Tel 32432
Barkers Walk Round Store 17 George Street Toys, China, Hardware, Stationery etc. Tel 32470
Cross & Co. 2 George Street Accountants  
Forrester Boyd & Co George Street Accountants Tel 32151
John Barker George Street Soliciters Tel 32856
E. & A. Tombs 6 George Street Ladies' Hairdressers Tel 32594
Zerny's 8 George Street Dry Cleaning Tel 32182
A. and E. Addison 10 George Street Florist and Fruiterer Tel 32206
J. F. C. Lee George Street Optician Tel 32122
David Lee George Street Photographer Tel 32451
Barton's Mod 14 George Street Shoe Service  
H. Burgess 16 George Street Licenced Betting Office Tel 32527
D. Woodcock 4 Greenway Piano Teacher Tel 32770
C. Beedham Hewsons Lane Auto-body Repairs  
J. Lunt and Sons 8 High Street Decorators, Painters, Signwriters, Paint and Wallpaper Sales Tel 32436
Mary Parsons 11 High Street Fabrics Tel 32125
Mrs D. King 19 High Street Home-made Cakes and Pastries Tel 32496
Smarts 21/23 High Street Newsagent, Tobacco, Stationer, Confectionery, Book Sellers, Gifts Tel 32281
Kelvinator Launderama High Street Coin Operated Laundry Tel 32626
Intrigue Boutique High Street Ladies Fashions  
Barclays Bank Ltd. 29 High Street Bank (J. W. Jackson) Tel 32140
M J Walker (Chemists) Ltd 31 High Street Chemist, Wines and Spirits Tel 32129
Cladinbowl Austin & Associates 35 High Street Insurance Brokers, Estate Agents Tel 32083
Spencer Molloy Ltd 37/39 High Street Electrical Engineers, Radio and TV Sales and Service, Toys, Records. Tel 32389
Barton Fisheries 47 High Street Fishmonger Tel 32466
Wyles Bros. 61 High Street Footwear  
J. V. Canty 79 High Street General Ironmonger, Electrical Appliances Tel 32473
Mr J Thompson 115 High Street Car Park  
G. H. Robinson & Son 119 High Street Painter and Decorator Tel 32589
W. B. Supermarket High Street Grocers Tel 32352
Birtwhistle Barr and Wilson High Street Veterinary Surgeons  
Stephenson Smart and Co. 8 High Street Chartered Accountants Tel 32251
Fashion House 10 High Street Hairdresser Tel 33003
Mrs E. Earyes 14 High Street Florist and Greengrocer  
C. R. Sepmers and Son 18 High Street Butchers Tel 32173
J. Clipson 20 High Street Gent's Hairdresser  
Johnnies 24 High Street Supermarket Tel 32311
Sunrise Chop Suey Centre 28 High Street Take Away  
Storey Bros. 30 High Street Ladies and Gent's Outfitter Tel 32177
Day's Boutique 40 High Street Gent's Outfitter Tel 32404
Laird's 42 High Street Ladies and Childrens Wear  
J. H. Dewhurst Ltd. 42a High Street Butcher Tel 32462
Red Lion Hotel 62 High Street Licenced Premises (Fred Wilson) Tel 32255
Scunthorpe Co-operative Society 64 High Street Grocers Tel 32261
Stockdale's 66 High Street Confectionery and Tobacco Tel 32101
Davis Electrics 70 High Street Electrical Appliances, Repairs and Installations Tel 32652
Harol Chappell Ltd 72 High Street Grocer and Greengrocer Tel 32444
Coach and Horses 74 High Street Licenced Premises (A. S. Redfearn) Tel 32161
N. Shatford 78 High Street Shoe Repairs Tel 32197
Smiths 80 High Street Bakers, Confectioners and Pork Butchers Tel 32495
Mrs E. Robinson 82 High Street Draper, Ladies' and Childrens' Wear Tel 32166
Jean Keal 84 High Street Confectionary and Tobacco Tel 32059
W. A. Clarke 90 High Street Footwear Sales and Repair Tel 32443
The Wheatsheaf Holydyke Licenced Premises (Herbert Snell)  
Prescott's Dairy Holydyke Distribution Depot  
Barton Taxis 7 Holydyke Taxi Service and Funeral Directors Tel 32221
Huteson & Son 25 Holydyke Taxi Service and Funeral Directors Tel 32210
Dinah Cox 27 Holydyke Ladies' Hairstylist Tel 32572
Barton Star 4 Holydyke Newspaper Office Tel 32328
Elwood and Company Holydyke Plumbers and Heating Engineers Tel 32415
Midland Bank Limited 8 Holydyke Bank Tel 32159
J. W. Stamp and Son Holydyke General Engineers Tel 32421
Canty and Clark Ltd. Junction Square Radio and TV Sales, Service and Rentals Tel 32474
Kenneth Cox Junction Square House Furnisher Tel 32446
Glenton's Wonder Bakery 1a King Street Bread and Cakes  
Broughton's 3 King Street Clock and Watch Sales and Repairs, Jewellers Tel 32184
T. W. Hastings 5 King Street Fruit and Vegetables Tel 32136
J. Elm 7 King Street S.R. Chiropodist Tel 32440
Suzanne 9 King Street Ladies' and Childrens' Wear Tel 32596
M.H. and D. Witherington 11 King Street Off-Licence, Tobacco, Confectionery Tel 32425
Suzanne 13/15 King Street Ladies' and Childrens' Wear Tel 32596
Yorkshire Electricity Board 17 King Street Service Centre and Showrooms Tel 32162
R.H. Cash 19 King Street Gent's Hairdresser  
Frozen Food Centre 21 King Street Frozen Foods  
J.E. Benson 23 King Street Family Butcher Tel 32053
Central Garage (Barton) Ltd. King Street Motor Showrooms Tel 32126
M. Robertson 10 King Street Dental Surgeon Tel 32406
H. A. Thorpe Maltby Lane Licenced Betting Office Tel 32586
Jackson Green and Preston 3 Market Lane Auctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents and Insurance Brokers Tel 32650
Smith, Baily and Walker 5 Market Lane Ophthalmic Opticians Tel 32315
Singing Kettle 7 Market Lane Cafe, Confectionery, Tobacco and Caterers. Bed and Breakfast Tel 32119
John Lovitt 9 Market Lane Printer and Stationer Tel 32476
Bell Watson & Co. 2a Market Lane Estate Agents, Surveyors, Valuers, Auctioneers Tel 32610
Peter C. Siplins 2b Market Lane Shoe Repairs, Fishing Tackle & Gun Dealer  
John Keal's Discount Centre 2c Market Lane Paint, Wallpaper Tel 32326.
Fine Fare Supermarket 12 Market Lane Supermarket Tel 33374
National Westminster Bank Ltd. Market Place Bank Tel 32157
Brown, Hudson and Hudson 3 Market Place Solicitery, Agents for Abbey National Building Society Tel 32215
Jose 12 Market Place Ladies' Hairstylist Tel 32441
Stuart's 15 Market Place Newsagents, Prams, Cycles, Toys, Sportswear Tel 32453
K. Cox 16 Market Place House Furnishers Tel 32489
The China Shop 17 Market Place China, Glasswear etc. Tel 32489
Lindsey Relay Co. 18 Market Place   Tel 32715
  19 Market Place Cafe, Tobacco and Confectionery Tel 32266
P Moore 20 Market Place Wool, Draper, Ladies' and Childrens' wear Tel 32428
C. T. Smith 21/22 Market Place Family and Pork Butcher, Confectionery, Bread Tel 32142
Lady Jane Boutique 22a Market Place    
Elswick Hopper Ltd. Marsh Lane St. Mary's Works, Cycle Manufacturers Tel 32167
Coventry Eagle Falcon Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd. Marsh Lane Cycle Manufacturers Tel 32268
Lindsey Farnam Engineering Ltd Marsh Lane Engineers  
P.S.L. Engineering Ltd. Marsh Lane Engineers Tel 32702
D Kirkman, D Reck & B Wiles Marsh Lane Plumbers Tel 32683
R. Q. Builders Ltd Marsh Lane Builders Tel 32169
Clugston Constructio Ltd. Marsh Lane    
W. M. Codd Marsh Lane Joiner Tel 32578
Beck Hill Motors Marsh Lane Vehicle Repairs Tel 32400
Grasbo Ltd. Marsh Lane    
The Walton Mole Co (Middlesborough) Ltd Marsh Lane    
W. M. Codd Millfields Joiner Tel 32578
H. Ashton and Son Ltd. Newport Street Builders and Contractors Tel 32424
Oxford Cinema and Bingo Hall Newport Street   Tel 32410
Newport Beer and Wine Stores 40 Newport Street Confectioner and Off-Licence Tel 32256
Mrs A. T. Catley Park Avenue Agent for General Accident F.L.A.C. Ltd Tel 32503
Pasture Road Garage Pasture Road Motor Engineer and Petrol Sales. FINA oils and petrol. Tel 32396
Ellerby's 21 Priestgate Cycle Sales and Service, Guns  
Pettifer & Co. 26 Priestgate Solicitors, Agents for Woolwich Equitable Building Society Tel 32248
Brace and Son 12 Priestgate Electrical Contractors Tel 32231
N. H. Credland Priestgate Motor Engineer and Filling Station  
Brooks 14 Queens Avenue Newsagent, Confectioner Tel 32570
Browns 36 Queens Avenue Fish and Chips Tel 32463
Ferriby's Supermarket 10 Queen Street Supermarket  
S. Welch 13 Queen Street Builder and Joiner Tel 32203
Peter Nash 4 River View Insurance Agent  
Hall's Barton Ropery Co. Ltd Ropery Lane Rope Manufacturers Tel 32114
Monofilaments Ltd. Ropery Lane Synthetic Rope Manufacturers Tel 32693
Charles Altoft 12 Sunnybank Painter and Decorator Tel 32662
Ferriby's Supermarket 6 Tofts Road Supermarket Tel 32246
Tofts Road Fisheries 10 Tofts Road Fish and Chips  
The Carnival Tofts Road Licenced Premises (E. T. Hildreth) Tel 32335
S. Shaw 1 Waterside Road General Dealer, Grocer, Car Hire Tel 32228
S. Shaw 3 Waterside Road Ladies' and Childrens' Wear Tel 32228
Osgerby and Son 27 Waterside Road Haulage Contractors and Coal Merchant. Stockists of "Sunbright", "Phurnacite", "Anthracite", "Coalite" etc. Tel 32593/32640
Royal Vaults 47 Waterside Road Bed and Breakfast Board Residence Tel 32423
M. L. Baxter 49 Waterside Road General Store, Grocer  
The Sloop Inn Waterside Road Licenced Premises (Thomas Harrison) Tel 32581
Pearson's Poultry Products Ltd Waterside Road Egg Producers Tel 32316
Clapson and Sons (Shipbuilders) Ltd. Waterside Road Yacht and Boat Builders Tel 32108
R. Chappell 72 West Acridge Road Haulage Tel 32562
Allen's School of Motoring 12 Western Drive   Tel 32533
K. J. Usher 1b Westfield Road Property Repairs  
J. E. Credland and Son 3 Westfield Road Joiners and Timber Products Tel 32405
Maureen's 15 Westfield Road Ladies' Hairdresser Tel 32822
Bulk Carriers Ltd. 81 Westfield Road Water Transport Tel 32226
E. W. Barley 6 Westfield Road Accountant and Estate Agent Tel 32285
R. Q. Builders Ltd. 48 Westfield Road Builders and Contractors Tel 32169
B. Wiles 58 Westfield Road Plumbing and Heating Contractor Tel 32683
Volunteer Arms 13 Whitecross Street Licenced Premises (Harry S. Griffiths) Tel 32309
Kemp Atkinson Fish & Co. 27 Whitecross Street Chartered Accountants Tel 32927
Bradford & Bingley Building Society Whitecross Street Building Society  
The Coffee Pot Whitecross Street Cafe  
Iris 29 Whitecross Street Ladies' Hair Stylist Tel 32305
G. W. Benson 53 Whitecross Street Painter and Decorator  
Blue Bell Inn Whitecross Street Licenced Premises (W. W. McIntosh) Tel 32317
F. Burton 10 Whitecross Street Grocer  
D. K. Thompson 18 Whitecross Street Joiner  
Mrs G. Holland 32 Whitecross Street Confectionery and Tobacco  

Public Houses

The following table lists some of the public houses that served Barton during 1973 :-

Name Location Landlord
Blue Bell Inn Whitecross Street W. W. McIntosh
Coach and Horses 74 High Street A. S. Redfearn
George Hotel George Street H. W. Sissons
Red Lion Hotel 62 High Street Fred Wilson
Sloop Inn Waterside Road Thomas Harrison
Steam Packet Fleetgate L. C. Parks
Volunteer Arms Whitecross Street Harry S. Griffiths
Westfield Lakes Hotel Far Ings Road A. G. Turnbull
Wheatsheaf Hotel Holydyke Herbert Snell
White Swan Fleetgate M. Ferguson
The Carnival Tofts Road E. T. Hildreth

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