A Snapshot of Barton upon Humber in 1969

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Barton upon Humber in 1969? Have you ever wondered who was selling what and from where? Well inbarton.co.uk has created a snapshot of life in Barton upon Humber in 1969 by listing some of the businesses that were around, and some of the things that were going on.

Barton Businesses

The following table lists some of the businesses that were around and advertising in 1969 :-

Business Name Location Details of Business Other Notes
A. and E. Addison 10 George Street Florists and Fruiterer Telephone 2206
Albright & Wilson Ltd Chemical Lane Fertilisers ACC Division. Telephone 2345
Allen's School of Motoring 12 Western Drive Driving Shool Telephone 3233
Charles Altoft 12 Sunnybank Painter and Decorator Telephone 3362
G. Appleyard 25 Bowmandale Grocer and Florist Telephone 2105
H Ashton & Sons Ltd Newport Street Builders & Contractors Telephone 3124
Atlas McAlpine Co. Ltd. Butts Road Paints and Chemicla Products Telephone 3314
Barkers Walk Round Store 17 George Street Hardware, Fancy Goods, Toys, Timber, Tools etc. Telephone 3170
Barton Fisheries (C. Cross) 47 High Street Fishmonger Telephone 3166
Barton Star 4 Holydyke Newspaper Office  
Barton Taxis 7 Holydyke Taxi Service and FTelephone 2328uneral Directors Telephone 2221
N. M. Bateson 30 Fleetgate Wool Shop  
M. Beaumont 4 Finkle Lane Plumber, Glazier and Electrician Telephone 3279
C. Beedham Hewsons Lane, Waterside Road Auto Body Repairs Telephone 3205
Bell Watson & Co 2a Market Lane Estate Agents and Surveyors Telephone 3310
Birds Eye Foods Ltd Castledyke South Quick Freezers Telephone 3287
Miss E Blyth 44a High Street Drapery and Childrens Wear  
W. M. Blyth Far Ings Road Brick and Tile Makers Telephone 2248
Dennis Boyall 5 High Street Sweets and Tobacco  
Briggs & Clark 72a Westfield Road Electrical Contractors Telephone 2330
Broughton's 3 King Street Clock and Watch Sales and Repairs Telephone 2184
Brown's 36 Queens Avenue Quality Fish and Chips Telephone 3163
Fred Canty Ltd 53/55 Fleetgate Draper and Outfitter Telephone 2177
J. V. Canty Junction Square Local Ironmonger and Electrical Appliences Telephone 3173
Canty & Clark Ltd Junction Square Radio and Television Rental, Sales and Service Telephone 3174
R. H. Cash 19 King Street Gent's Hairdresser  
Central Garage (Barton) Ltd Cottage Lane Motor Engineers and Filling Station Telephone 2126
Harold Chappel Ltd 72 High Street Grocer and Greengrocer Telephone 3144
F. Clipson 51 Fleetgate Newsagent Telephone 2138
Collingwood Engineers Dam Road General Engineers Telephone 2388
W. H. Cooper 10 King Street Dental Surgeon Telephone 3106
W. A. Clark 90 High Street Footwear Sales and Repairs Telephone 3143
Jack Clipson 5 Waterside Road Gent's Hairdressers  
W. M. Codd 59 Millfields Joiner Telephone 3278
Coventry Eagle Falcon Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd Marsh Lane Cycle Manufacturer Telephone 2336
A. Cox 76 High Street Wardrobe Dealer  
Kenneth Cox 5 Chapel Lane House Furnisher Telephone 3146
Norman Cox Ltd Ferriby Road Motor Engineer and Filling Station Telephone 3129
J. E. Cross & Son 7 George Street Accountant Telephone 2151 - Agent for the Halifax Building Society
Davis Electrics 70 High Street Electrical Appliences, Installation and Repair Telephone 3352
Edwin Davis & Co. Ltd 31 Fleetgate Drapers, Outfitters Telephone 2318
Day's Boutiques 40 High Street Gent's Outfitter Telephone 3104
A. Dent (F.S. Machin) 1 Brigg Road Funeral Director Telephone 2205
J. H. Dewhursts 42a High Street Butcher Telephone 3162
B. & M. Dyer 84 High Street Confectionary and Tobacco  
East Midlands Gas Board Works and Showroom Dam Road Gas Showroom Telephone 2293
Mrs E Eayres 14 High Street Florist and Greengrocer  
Ellerby's 21 Preistgate Cycle Sales and Guns  
J Elm 7 King Street S.R. Chiropodist Telephone 3140
Elswick-Hopper Cycle & Motor Co. (MFG).) Ltd Marsh Lane Cycle manufacturor and exported Founded in 1880.
Elwood and Company Holydyke Domestic Plumbing and Central Heating Specialists Telephone 3115. Authorised installers for the National Coal Board and East Midlands Gas Board.
Fashion Fabrics (Arliss) 48 Fleetgate and 20 High Street Materials for the Home Dressmaker Telephone 2240
Ferriby's Supermarkets Ltd 17 Bowmandale Grocer Telephone 2209
H. D. Field 62 Ferriby Road Building Contractor Telephone 3208
Fleetgate Fisheries 54 Fleetgate Fish and Chips  
Fossitt and Thorne 109 Fleetgate Tyre Sales, Motor Accessories Telephone 3343
Franklin Bros. 15 Market Place Toys, Cards, Stationery, Scooters, Model Railways and much more Telephone 3153
J. J. French 41 Fleetgate Chemist  
George 2 Holydyke Gents Hairdresser  
Gilstrap, Earp and Co. Ltd. Chemical Lane Maltsters Telephone 2131
Glenton's Wonder Bakery 1a King Street Bread and Cakes  
W. H. Grassby 91 Fleetgate Newsagent, Confectioner and Tobacconist Telephone 3292
Grassby and Stephenson Ltd Whitecross Garage, Barrow Road Automobile Engineers, Car Sales and Petrol Sales Telephone 2152 - Hillman and Austin dealer.
C. Greenwood 12 Whitecross Street Coal Merchant Telephone 3139
Hall's Barton Ropery Co Ltd Ropery Road, Maltkiln Road Rope Manufacturers Telephone 2114
L. & E. M. Hart 39 Fleetgate Grocer and Greengrocer Telephone 2113
T. W. Hastings 5 King Street Fruit and Vegetables Telephone 2136
Dave Hewitt 80 Ferriby Road School of Motoring Telephone (Barrow) 520
Fred Hull 99 Far Ings Road and 77 Fleetgate Printer and Publisher Telephone 2378
Huteson Bros. 25 Holydyke Funeral Directors and Taxi Service Telephone 2210
Charles Irvine (Brigg) Ltd 5 Market Lane Opthalmic Opticians Telephone 2315
Jackson and Green 3 Market Lane Auctioneers, Valuers and Estate Agents Telephone 3350
J.E.M. Hair Fashions 44 Fleetgate Ladies' Hairdressing Telephone 3399
Johnnies 24 High Street Grocer Telephone 2311
Harold Johnson 29 Butts Road Dance Band Agent Telephone 2150
John Keal's Discount Centre 2c Market Lane Pain, Wallpaper and Hardware Telephone 2326
King's 19 High Street Bakers and Stonemasons Telephone 3196
H. Lacey and Sons 81 Fleetgate Grocer Telephone 2188
David Lee 11 George Street Photographic Equipment Telephone 2122
J. F. C. Lee 11 George Street Photographic Equipment, Cosmetics and Baby Food Telephone 2122
Lindsey Plumbers 12 George Street Plumbers and Heating Engineers Telephone 2282
John Lovett 9 Market Lane Printers and Stationery Telephone 3176
J. Lunt and Sons 3 High Street Painters, Decorators and Signwriters Telephone 3136 - established in 1892
N. Mather 24 Fleetgate Footwear for the Family  
K. W. Milson 3/5 George Street Footwear and Menswear  
Moray Photography 8 Queens Avenue Photographer Telephone 3302
W. A. Morley 23 King Street Fruit and Vegetables Telephone 3184
M. Mumby 5 Holydyke Painting and Decorating Telephone 3396
Henry Musgrave (Armley) Ltd Station Yard, Fleetgate All types of Fuel Telephone 3100
Newport Beer and Wine Stores Newport Street Beer, Wines, Spirits, Sweets, Cigarettes and Frozen Food. Telephone 2256
W. Oldridge 71 High Street Shoe Repairs and Leather Goods  
Osgerby & Son 27 Waterside Road Coal, Coke and Smokeless fuel Telephone 3293/3340
Parks Bros. 11 High Street Electrical Appliences, Radio and Television sales and servicing Telephone 2125
Pasture Road Garage (K Chapman) Pasture Road General Motor Engineer - Fina Oils and Petrol  
H. Pinchbeck & Son Ltd 15 George Street Radio and Television Enginerers Telephone 3132 or 3253
L. Rickword and Son 21 King Street Butchers Telephope 2121
E. Robinson (Mrs) 82 High Street Draper, Wool, Ladie's and Childrens Wear Telephone 2166
L. & J. M. Robinson 72 Butts Road Grocer Telephone 3356
R. Q Builders 90 Westfield Road Builders Telephone 2297
W. Scawthon 13 George Street Fish and Chips  
Screeton Bros. Castledyke West Sand, Gravel and Builders Merchant Telephone 2189
Scunthorpe Co-operative Society 9 George Street Groceries, Wines and Spirits Telephone 2145
C. R. Sempers and Son 18 High Street Butchers and Game Dealers Telephone 2173
Shephardsons Coaches Ltd Chemical Lane Coach Hire Telephone 2287
Singing Kettle Cafe 7 Market Lane Confectionery, Tobacco and Caterers Telephone 2119
Peter C. Sipling 2b Market Lane Fishing Tackle and Gun Repairs  
Mick Smaller East Acridge Coach Service Telephone 2201
Smarts 21/23 High Street Newspapers, Stationery, Books, Chocolates, Cigarettes, Lighters, Gifts Telephone 2281
A. & M. Smith 99 Butts Road Grocer Telephone 3126
Smiths 21/22 Market Place and 80 High Street Butchers and Bakers Telephone 2142 and 3195
Smith and Melton 34 Fleetgate General Drapers - Ladies' and Gent's outfitters Telephone 2174
Spencer Molloy Ltd 37/39 High Street Electrical Engineers, Radio and TV sales and servicing, Toys and Fancy Goods Telephone 2389
Stamp and Son Ltd Brigg Road Building Contractors Telephone 2133 - established over 150 years
J. W. Stamp and Son Holydyke General Engineers Telephone 3121
Station Cafe 103 Fleetgate Luncheons, Teas, Bed and Breakfast Telephone 2218
Stephenson, Smart and Co. 8 High Street Chartered Accountants Telephone 2251 (Also the site of the Barton abbatior)
Stockdale's 66 High Street Confectionery and Tobacconists Telephone 2101
Suzanne 9/13/15 King Street Ladies and Childrens Wear Telephone 3296
The China Shop 17 Market Place China, Glasswear etc. Telephone 3189
The Curtain Shop 88 High Street Curtains  
A. H. Thompson & Son 20 Fleetgate House Furnishers and Furniture Removers Telephone 2139
S. Thrussell 78 High Street Jeweller, Watch Sales and Repairs  
E. and A. Tombs 6 George Street Ladies' Hairdressers Telephone 3294
Trustee Savings Bank Fleetgate Bank Telephone 3130
Turnbulls 37 Fleetgate Suppliers of Wallpaper, Paints, Do it Yourself and Artist Materials. Telephone 2371
P. B. Usher The Mill, Hewsons Lane, Waterside Road Chopped sticks and Logs, Grass Cutting and Garden Ploughing  
G. R. Usher and Son 1b Westfield Road Builders Telephone 2258
Paul Varah 10 Queen Street Grocer and Grengrocer Telephone 3218
Violet's 28 High Street Ladies' Wear  
M. J. Walker (Chemist) Ltd 33 High Street Chemists, Wines and Spirits Telephone 2129
Wards Corner Shop 1a East Acridge General Store Newly opened in January 1969.
Westfield Lakes Lido Ltd Far Ings Road Fishing, Caravans and Licenced Premises Telephone 2313
M. H. and D. Withrington King Street Off Licence, Tobacco, Confectionery etc. Telephone 3125
Wyles Bros. 61 High Street Footwear, sales and repairs  
Ye Old Art Shoppe 42 High Street Curios, Pictures Telephone 3305
Yorkshire Electricity Board Service Centre 17 King Street Electricity centre Telephone 2162
Zerny's Dry Cleaning 8 George Street Dry Cleaning Telephone 2182

Public Houses

The following table lists some of the public houses that served Barton during 1969 :-

Name Location Notes
Blue Bell Inn Whitecross Street Telephone 2317 (Ernest T. Hilldrith)
Coach and Horses 74 High Street Telephone 2161 (George W. Hatton)
George Hotel George Street Telephone 3133 (H. W. Sissons)
Red Lion Hotel 62 High Street Telephone 2255 (Fred Wilson)
Sloop Inn Waterside Road Telephone 3281 (Thomas Harrison)
Steam Packet Fleetgate Telephone 2355 (Charles H. Lees)
Volunteer Arms Whitecross Street Telephone 2309 (Harry S. Griffiths)
Westfield Lakes Hotel Far Ings Road Telephone 2313 (R. E. Arnott)
Wheatsheaf Hotel Holydyke (Herbert Snell)
White Lion 16 Market Place Telephone 2204 (Frederick R. Regester)
White Swan Fleetgate Telephone 2378 (Andrew Graham)

Public Transport/Public Services

The following table lists some of the public transport services that served Barton during 1969 :-

Company Name Service Notes
British Rail Passenger Services Barton on Humber to New Holland (Train) Depart at 0744, 0921, 1116, 1212, 1255, 1356, 1615, 1737, 1823, 1930, 2112 and 2200 (none on a Sunday) return 0629, 0726, 0800, 1012, 1053, 1223, 1335, 1451, 1554, 1715, 1906, 2051
British Rail Passenger Services New Holland to Hull (Ferry) Ferry departs (weather, tide etc. permitting) 0720, 0815, 0905, 0940, 1015, 1105, 1140, 1215, 1310, 1420, 1510, 1555, 1640, 1720, 1820, 2000, 2140, 2230. Journey takes approximately 20 mins. Return 0715, 0825, 0910, 0940, 1020, 1110, 1145, 1210, 1315, 1405, 1515, 1600, 1630, 1725, 1920, 2100, 2205.
British Rail Passenger Services New Holland to Grimsby (Train) Depart at 0625, 0802, 0951, 1146, 1349, 1447, 1547, 1707, 1757, 1952, 2141, 2237 and return 0716, 0902, 1102, 1154, 1241, 1341, 1552, 1702, 1809, 1845, 1958 and 2135.
Telephone Barton Railway Station (Barton) 3192 or New Holland Railway Station on (Barrow) 213 or Paragon Station Enquiries on (Hull) 26033.

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