A Snapshot of Barton upon Humber in 1939

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Barton upon Humber in 1939? Have you ever wondered who was selling what and from where? Well inbarton.co.uk has created a snapshot of life in Barton upon Humber in 1939 by listing some of the businesses that were around, and some of the things that were going on.

Barton Businesses

The following table lists some of the businesses that were around and advertising in 1939 :-

Business Name Location Details of Business Other Notes
E. M. Allison 10 George Street Second-hand clothes dealer  
Hy. Ashton Newport Building & Works Contractor Telephone 2134. Sunny Bank and Caistor Road Estates ideal sites for private residences.
H. W. Ball & Son 9 Market Lane General & Commercial Printers Bookbinders and Advetising Agents
C. C. Barraclough 70 High Street Electricians  
Barton Gas Company Fleetgate Gas coppers, gas fires, gas cookers etc. Gas fires from 16/6
J. Beacock 45 High Street Pork Butcher  
Bennett & Sons 45 Fleetgate Poultry Dealers  
R. H. Bennett 6 George Street Fish and Game Dealer  
J. Bowers 5a East Acridge Market Gardner  
Miss Briggs 3 Waterside Road Fancy Draper  
Madame Brown High Street Fashion specialists Selling gowns, coats, hats etc. Telephone 3101 : Established 1872
S. Burkill 74 Butts Road General Dealer  
D. S. Burkitt & Son 22 Market Place Bakers, Confectioners and Pastrycooks Telephone 3113, all goods made in our own bakehouse
F. Burton 10 Whitecross Street Grocer  
J. Burton 17 Eastfield Road Market Gardner  
J. V. Canty Junction Square Hardware Factor & General Ironmonger Agents for Murphy, Pye, builters tools etc. Established 1881.
S. W. Catley 8 George Street Confectioner  
Miss Chant 103 West Acridge Confectioner  
Harold Chappel 72 High Street Greengrocer  
Chemical Works (Farmers Company) 152 Maltkiln Road (Chemical Works) Fertiliser company  
E. Clapson & son 2 Holydyke Plumber  
Mrs Clark 103 Fleetgate Confectioner  
T. Clark & Son 43 Fleetgate Accountants, Auditors and Book-Keepers Telephone 2151
Stanlay T. Clark 43 Fleetgate Press Correspondent and Advertisement Agent Telephone 2151, Representative of the "Hull Daily Mail" and "Hull and Lincolnshire Times"
C. Clipson 65 Fleetgate Confectioner  
F. Clipson 51 Fleetgate Hairdressing Salon Sole agent for Civil Service. "Revue" & "The Aviator" hair creams 6d per bottle. Newspapers and Magazines promptly delivered.
L. Clipson 5 Waterside Road Hairdresser  
Cottingham's 80 High Street Pork products, Bread, Cakes and Pastries Telephone 3195
A. W. Coulam 84 High Street Grocer  
A. Cox 3 East Acridge Market Gardner and Funeral Proprietor  
N Cox's Garage & Showrooms 2 Ferriby Road Garage & Showroom  
J. E. Credland 30 Fleetgate Printer, Stationer and Newsagent  
Edwin Davis & Co Ltd 31 Fleetgate Drapers  
J. Davis 12 Whitecross Street Removal Contractors & Petrol Pump  
T. A. Denby & Co 47 Whitecross Street Soliciters  
Wm Dent 6 The Butchery Commission Agent  
Deweys Corner of George Street/Chapel Lane Hardware and Toy Shop  
J. H. Dewhirst Ltd High Street Butcher  
E. C. Dunn 12 George Street Saddler  
A. H. Eastoe 17 Market Place For fresh Fish, Game, Poultry and cut flowers & vegetables Telephone 3189
Mrs Ebbatson 7 George Street Confectioner  
Elswick Hopper Cycle & Motor Co, Ltd. Brigg Road/Marsh Lane Cycle Manufacturor Offices on Brigg Road, Works on Marsh Lane
Harold G. Elwood Holydyke Plumbing, Glazing, Sanitary Work & Heating Telephone 3115
H. Elwood 25 High Street Watchmaker Repairs, gifts suitable for all occasions
B. Foster 44 High Street Coal Merchant  
Franklin Bros. 7 & 9 King Street Cycle Agents & Radio Dealers Sole agents for The Elswick & Hopper Cycles, and stockists of Pye, Philips etc.
J. J. French 41 Fleetgate Chemist  
Gilstrap Earp & Co's Miltkiln Road Maltings  
E. Goodhand 11 Burgate General Dealer  
A. T. Grasby 44 Holydyke Agent for Blackwell's Doncaster Coal Orders from 1 bag to 1000 tons.
I. Grassby Castle Dyke West Engineer Agent for Rudston Crude Oil Engines, Gas Engines and Suction Producers. Telephone 2171
J. F. Grassby King Street Insurance Specialist in policies for cars and motor cycles
J. F. Grassby King Street Agent for leading makes of Cars & Motor Cycles Telephone 2126, established in 1904. Repair specialist.
Greenwood Tileries Ltd 117 Maltkiln Road (Chemical Works) Tileries  
Hall's Barton Ropery Co Ltd Ropery Road, Maltkiln Road Ropery  
R. B. Harvey 22 Fleetgate Dentist  
E. Hastings 44 Fleetgate Greengrocer  
J L Hewson 25 Waterside Road Miller Dealer in white and brown flour, oats, wheat etc.
A. Hotham & Son 35 Fleetgate Butcher  
J. E. Hughes 15 Ings Lane Grocer  
G. H. Jones 14 George Street Hairdressers  
J. E. Jordan 3 King Street Hairdresser  
J Jubb & Son 101 Fleetgate Whiting Manufacturers  
King & Sons 19 High Street Stonemasons  
W. M. Kirkby 7 East Acridge Market Gardner and Salesman  
E. Lawtey's 43 High Street Sweets, chocolates and cigarettes  
J. C. Lee 11 George Street Chemist  
Lofthouse & Saltmer Ltd 2 Catherine Street Store  
T. L. Martin 54 Fleetgate Fish Fryer  
N. Mather 24 Fleetgate Bootmaker & Repairer  
A. T. McIntyre 47 High Street Fish Merchant  
Melias 109 Fleetgate Grocers  
Nowell & Blakeborough 33 Whitecross Street Soliciters  
Newport Stores Barton Everyday items Tea sets from 4/6 to 16/11, hearth plates 6/6 and men's boots from 10/11 a pair amongst other things.
W. R. Nicholson Barton Groceries and provisions Telephone 3145.
W. Oldridge 71 High Street Practical Boot Maker Hand-sewn and rivited boots made to order. Establishes 1904
Oxford Picture Palace Newport Cinema  
J. T. Parks 41 Whitecross Street General Dealer  
A. Pickard & Son Queen Street Biulders and Contractors  
H. H. Pinchbeck 15 George Street Radio Rentals  
M. M. Robinson 2 Chapel Lane Confectioners  
J. W. Rowley 38 Fleetgate Grocer  
F Sanderson 77 Fleetgate Cycle Dealer, Tobacconist & General Dealer  
C. R. Sempers 16 George Street Butchers  
W. Shaw 1 Waterside Road General Dealer  
Smart & King 21 High Street Newsagent  
J Standerline 8 Whitecross Street Blacksmith  
Stanley Smith & Son Ferriby Road Press and Commercial Photographers Telephone 3148
G. W. Smith 34 & 36 Fleetgate Drapers  
Smith & Clark 47 Fleetgate Confectioners  
G. Southwell & Son 111 High Street Coal Merchant  
H. Stamp 6 Burgate Tailor  
R. Stamp 58 Pasture Road Coal Merchant  
H. Stanley 89 Fleetgate Newsagent, Tobacconist and Confectioner Largest up-to-date Lending Library
Star Picture Theatre Fleetgate/High Street Cinema  
Mrs K. R. Stark 14 Queen Street General Dealer  
L. Such Newport Picture Framer Plywood and Fancy Beadings
A. J. Swanson Ferriby Road Nurseries Telephone 3194
Tates Ltd 5 George Street Provision Merchant Telephone 2145
Temples Fleetgate Grocers  
A. H. Thompson 16, 18 & 20 Fleetgate Furnishing Store & Auctioneer  
Thompson's 23 Fleetgate General Stores Telephone 2139
Mrs Toogood 37&39 High Street Confectioner  
W. Towle 99 Butts Road Grocer  
W. D. Turner 13 George Street Fish and Chip Restaurant  
J. Tutill Market Place Grocer Telephone 3159
Leslie Walkers Ltd 33 High Street Chemists Selling such things as Smedley's Paste, Chocolate Worm Cakes, Bile Beans, Owbridge's Lung Tonic, Toilet Preparations, "Stingo" (the iseal painless removal of corns) etc.
Mrs West 36 Queens Avenue Fish Fryer  
Wyles Bros 61 High Street Boot and Shoe Dealers  

Public Transport/Public Services

The following table lists some of the public transport services that served Barton during 1939 :-

Company Name Service Notes
Enterprise and Silver Dawn Motor Buses Bus Company Running a service between Scunthorpe and New Holland passing through Barton, Monday to Sunday
Running a service between Barton and Cleethorpes, stopping at Immingham and Grimsby, Monday to Sunday.
Lincolnshire Road Car Company, Ltd. Bus Company Running a service between Brigg and New Holland passing through Barton, Monday to Sunday..
London and North Eastern Railway Company Ferry Service Running a ferry service between New Holland and Hull with a rail service connecting from Barton, weekdays and weekends.
Stamp's Boats Ferry Service Runinng a cargo ferry between Barton and Hull, leaving 3 hours before high water.
Troops Bus Service Bus Company Running a service between Barton and Brigg on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only. This service ran through all the villages.

Other Snippets

The Haven around 1939.
This is what the Haven looked like around 1939 - Gilstrap Earp and Co on the right.


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