A Snapshot of Barton upon Humber in 1861

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Barton upon Humber in 1861? Have you ever wondered who was selling what and from where? Well inbarton.co.uk has created a snapshot of life in Barton upon Humber in 1861 by listing some of the businesses that were around, and some of the things that were going on.

General Information

Barton Businesses

The following table lists a selection (but by no means all) of the businesses that were around in 1861 :-

Business Name/Owner Name Location Details of Business Other Notes
Edward Alcock Waterside Road Brick and tile maker  
Henry Anderson Old Market Lane Butcher  
Benj. Anderson Market Lane hatter, clothier & ironmonger  
Henry William Ball Market Lane bookseller & printer  
James Barraclough Waterside Road coal merchant, & china & glass dealer  
Alexander Bean & Co Market Place grocers  
John Beck East Acridge wheelwright  
Isiaah Beecroft High Street whitesmith and spring maker  
Peter Bethell Vinegar Hill gardener  
Christopher Birkitt Market Lane hatter  
John & Henry Briggs Newport Street bricklayers  
John Brocklesby Whitecross Street beer retailer & grocer  
John Burnett Fleetgate Waggon and Horses pub  
Robert Bygott Burgate solicitor  
Charles Canty Burgate boot and shoe maker  
George Canty Market Place ironmonger  
George Chapman Newport Street shoemaker  
Robert Chapman Old Market Lane watch & clock maker  
Henry Charlton Waterside Road glover  
Robert Clarke Fleetgate White Swan Commercial Inn  
Samuel Cuthbert Fleetgate miller & grocer  
William Heselden Eddie Priestgate surgeon  
Charles England Priestgate currier  
William Ferraby High Street fishmonger  
John Charles Fox Old Market Lane painter & glazier  
James Gady Whitecross Street gardener  
John Mills Good Whitecross Street tailor  
Thomas Good Whitecross Street Blue Bell pub  
William Hilliard Goy Whitecross Street solicitor  
John Green High Street druggist  
John Hall & Co Waterside Road rope & sailcloth manufacturers also in Hull
Mary Hardy Market Place Black Bull pub  
Hayes, Anderton & Hicks Priestgate wholsale candle makers & soap dealers  
George Hewson Waterside Road miller  
William Hewson Market Lane miller  
Martha Hinds Chapel Lane staymaker  
George Hill Waterside Road ship builder  
William Hopkin South Parade Inland Revenue officer  
Robert Houghton Queen Street Temperance Hotel  
William Hudson Bank Street boot & shoe maker  
Hull Banking Co Bank Street bank William Rodgers manager
George Ingram Ness Point brick and tile works  
Ann Jennings Whitecross Street Bay Horse pub  
Isaac Johnson Market Street tinplate worker  
Richard Keyworth Waterside Road coal merchant  
George Marris Fleetgate haircutter & perfumer, & fancy repository  
John Marshall High Street Red Lion pub  
Robert Minto Fleetgate tanners, leather dressers & fellmongers  
William Morley & Son High Street auctioneer  
Sarah Moss Market Place George Commercial Inn & posting house  
Thomas Newham Bank Street plumber & gasfitter  
Frank Nicholson Market Place White Lion pub  
William Nicholson Bank Street Wheatsheaf pub  
Nowell & Priestley Whitecross Street solcitors  
Robert Popple Waterside Road whiting manufacturer  
William Minto Rawson Old Market Lane tallow chandler  
George Wm. Robinson Market Lane blacksmith & machinist  
William Rodgers Waterside Road brick and tile works  
George Sanderson North Parade tailor  
Martha Sowerby Fleetgate Steam Packet pub  
Charles Spring Brigg Road saddler  
William Stamp Whitecross Street grocer & carrier  
John Stephenson South Parade lime burner & gardener  
Richard Stow Brigg Road blacksmith  
John Todd Fleetgate baker & grocer  
Tomlinson & Crowder Market Street chemists & druggists, booksellers, printers &c  
John Tomlinson Old Market Lane tinplate worker  
James Walker Butchery Queen pub  
Thomas West Beck Hill relieving officer  
Mrs Willford Butts Road potter  
Henry Williams Prospect Place master mariner  
John Willingham Beck Hill parish clerk  
John Winship Waterside Road brick & tile maker  
Thomas Wright Market Street saddler & harness maker  

Public Transport/Public Services

The following table lists some of the public transport services that served Barton during 1861 :-

Company Name Service Notes
Barton, Hessle & Hull Ferry Ferry Service Sailing vessel with goods and cattle daily between Barton and Hessle and Barton and Hull.
There are many Carriers to various places departing from The Wheatsheaf, the George Hotel, Blue Bell, Black Bull, the Bay Horse and the White Lion.
There is an Omnibus from the George Hotel to meet every train.


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