A Snapshot of Barton upon Humber in 1841

Have you ever wondered what life was like in Barton upon Humber in 1841? Have you ever wondered who was selling what and from where? Well inbarton.co.uk has created a snapshot of life in Barton upon Humber in 1841 by listing some of the businesses that were around, and some of the things that were going on.

General Information

Barton Businesses

The following table lists a selection (but by no means all) of the businesses that were around in 1841 :-

Business Name/Owner Name Location Details of Business Other Notes
Robert Brown Burgate Attorney  
William Hilliard Goy Whitecross Street Attorney  
William Graburn Priestgate Attorney  
Thomas Coopland Market Street Baker & Flour dealer  
Hull Banking Co Market Place Bank  
Savings' Bank Butchery Bank Open Mondays 12 to 1
John Chapman Market Street Blacksmith  
William Stow Brigg Road Blacksmith  
Charles Ball Market Lane Bookseller, Stationer & Printer  
Joseph Armitage Market Street Boot & Shoe maker  
James Benson Fleetgate Boot & Shoe maker  
Charles Canty High Street Boot & Shoe maker  
James Day High Street Boot & Shoe maker  
John Fussey Butchery Boot & Shoe maker  
Robert Guy Beck Hill Boot & Shoe maker  
Robert Scruton High Street Boot & Shoe maker  
James Morris Waterside Road Brewer  
Thomas Burton Union Yard - Humber Bank Brick and Tile Maker  
William Burton & Son Waterside Road Brick and Tile Maker  
John & Joseph Mackrill Waterside Road Brick and Tile Maker  
John Winship Waterside Road Brick and Tile Maker  
David Pickard Finkle Lane Bricklayer  
John Brocksom Market Street Butcher  
John Grassby Newport Street Butcher  
John Leybourn Fleetgate Butcher  
Betsy Meggitt Fleetgate Butcher  
George Stow Market Street Butcher  
Anthony Warrick Market Lane Butcher  
Robert Dixon Market Street Chymist & Druggist  
John Green High Street Chymist & Druggist  
John Hamilton Fleetgate Chymist & Druggist  
John Hattersley Market Place Chymist & Druggist  
Lee Smedley Whitecross Street Clog & patten maker  
William Morris Waterside Road Coal merchant  
John Taylor Fleetgate Corn merchant  
John Hambrough Little Marsh Earthenware manufacturer  
John Winship Little Marsh Earthenware manufacturer  
Frank Abraham Market Street Grocer & Draper  
George Blackburn Market Place Grocer & Draper  
Edward Chapman Newport Street Grocer & Draper  
Thomas Hall & Co Market Place Grocer & Draper  
John Benjamin Mackrill Market Street Grocer & Draper  
John Burton Priestgate Hair dresser  
William Jackson Newport Street Hair dresser  
George Marris Fleetgate Hair dresser  
Robert Winby Smith Market Lane Hair dresser  
George Blackburn Market Place Hatter  
George Inn Market Place Inn John Ingoldby
Waterside House Inn Waterside Road Inn James Clapson
Benjamin Anderton Market Place Ironmonger  
Samuel Birkett Market Lane Ironmonger  
George Beck High Street Joiner & cabinet maker  
Thomas Credland Whitecross Street Joiner & cabinet maker  
William Sanderson Butts Lane Joiner & cabinet maker  
Anthony Stow Hungate Joiner & cabinet maker  
John Willingham & Son Burgate Joiner & cabinet maker  
Christopher Quickfall Ferriby Road Lime burner  
John Kidney Waterside Road Maltster  
James Raby Chapel Lane Maltster  
Sergeant & Scarborough Finkle Lane Maltster  
George Hewson Nelson Row Miller & Flour dealer  
William Hewson Market Lane Miller & Flour dealer  
Isaac Hunter High Street Miller & Flour dealer  
Sarah Cooper Market Street Milliner  
Mary Hewes Whitecross Street Milliner  
Nathaniel Levi Brown Cambridge Butts Lane Nursery & seedsman  
William Hedges Intack Road Nursery & seedsman  
Barnabas Stothard Fleetgate Nursery & seedsman  
Joseph Toynbee Long Butchery Plumber & glazier  
John Wood Market Lane Plumber & glazier  
Hall & Burton Waterside Road Rope manufacturers & twine spinners  
William Willford Market Place/Newport Street Rope manufacturers & twine spinners  
Benjamin Gibbins Market Lane Saddler  
Thomas Arnold Priestgate Shopkeeper  
Nancy Burton Waterside Road Shopkeeper  
William Davis High Street Shopkeeper  
Mary Hill High Street Shopkeeper  
Sarah Nicholson Butchery Shopkeeper  
William Teanby Fleetgate Shopkeeper  
Betsy Marshall Market Street Stay Maker  
James Lenham High Street Stone Mason  
George Middleton High Street Stone Mason  
Wilhelmina Mitchinson Market Street Straw Hat maker  
Richard Eddie Priestgate Surgeon  
John Morley Burgate Surgeon  
Joseph Burton Whitecross Street Tailor  
James Carlile Newport Street Tailor  
Thomas Good Market Lane Tailor & draper  
Robert Young High Street Tailor & draper  
Hayes & Sergeant Priestgate Tallow Chandler  
George Clapson Waterside Road Tanner & Fellmonger  
Robert & John Minto Fleetgate Tanner & Fellmonger  
Bay Horse Whitecross Street Public House Ann Jennings
Black Bull Market Place Public House William Hardy
Blue Bell Whitecross Street Public House Edward Preston Alcock
Red Lion High Street Public House Rebecca Kirkus
Steam Packet Fleetgate Public House James Sowerby
Six Bells Butchery Public House Ann Cox
Waggon & Horses Fleetgate Public House Joseph Cook
Wheat Sheaf Brigg Road Public House William Dee
White Lion Market Place Public House John Pearson Horsfall
White Swan Fleetgate Public House Thomas Milson
Mary Johnson Butts Lane Tea Dealer  
John Tomlinson Market Street Tin-Plate worker  
Thomas Hill Market Street Watch & Clock maker  
John Beck Intack Road Wheelwright  
Jarvis Watson Brigg Road Wheelwright  
John Cart & Co Waterside Road Whiting & Paris White manufacturer  

Public Transport/Public Services

The following table lists some of the public transport services that served Barton during 1861 :-

Company Name Service Notes
Barton, Hessle & Hull Ferry Ferry Service Sailing vessel with goods and cattle daily between Barton and Hessle and Barton and Hull.
There are many Carriers to various places departing from The Waterside Inn, Blue Bell, George Inn, and the Wheat Sheaf.

See the description of Barton in 1841.

The above was taken from Pigot and Co's Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography for 1841. The above is not a complete representation of the directory. If you would like any questions answered please feel free to email me at help@inbarton.co.uk and I will do my best to help.

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