The Weather in Barton During 2002

Some 844.75mm (c.33 ¼ins) of rain fell on Barton during the year 2002. This was 160mm (6 ¼ins) more than 2001 and so continued a rising rainfall trend dating back to the mid-1990's (see table).
It is interesting to note that over 100mm fell in each of the months July, October, November and December - a total not reached in a single month in 2001.
The heaviest rainfall - some 32mm - was recorded on 29 December whilst in the previous month there was only four rain-free days. Another notable feature was the dry spell which lasted from 20 March to 25 April during which period only 0.25mm of rain was recorded. The year's warmest day was 17 August when 30ºC was recorded and the coldest 1 January at minus 5ºC.

Information below supplied by Geoff Bryant

2002 844.75mm
2001 681mm
2000 788mm
1999 649mm
1998 588mm
1997 542mm
1996 532mm
1995 491mm

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