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The Later History of Barton Upon Humber - Part One.
The Church in Late Medieval Barton Upon Humber by Geoffrey F. Bryant published by the Barton Upon Humber Branch on the Workers' Educational Association (2003 price 5.00)

This book is the second of the WEA series to be published on the history of our town from 1086 to 1900. After an introductory chapter dealing with the town and its church (?es) before 1086 the book looks firstly, at what is known of the history of the Christianity in Barton up to the Reformatio and secondly at the developing architecture of St. Peter's and St. Mary's churches. Not only will the reader learn about our town's particular church buildings but will give a background knowledge of the organisation of the English Church, its staff, its liturgy and services and the various styles of ecclestiastical architecture which appear in late Medieval England, the book is prufusely illustrated with line drawings and photographs.

Copies can be obtained from the author at 8 Queen Street or from Newton's Printers or The Ropewalk


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