- Accessibility

Inbarton takes very seriously the topic of accessibility for the large number of Internet users who may have disabilities and may find websites difficult or even impossible to use because of the way they have been designed. Inbarton will strive to make this website as accessible as possible.


The layout of this website is designed to make navigation as easy as possible via the menu bar on the left. Titles are large and stand out against the background, as does the normal text. All main pictures have a mouse-over text equivalent description for people who have trouble seeing images, have a slow Internet connection or have the images turned off, and in many cases the image can be enlarged to aid viewing.

Font Sizes

To assist in reading the text of this website users can change the font size of a page to their preference through the browser. In Internet Explorer, select View, then Text Size, and then your preferred size from largest to smallest.
In Netscape select View, then Text Zoom, and then the preferred percentage size.

Style Sheets

To make the page visibly friendly users may import their own style sheet into the website. In Internet Explorer select Tools, then Internet Options, and then Accessibility. You can then choose any or all of the three options to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes just by ticking the relevant box. You can also change the style sheet by ticking the box 'format my document using my style sheet' and browsing to your preferred style sheet.
In Netscape select edit, then preferences, then appearance. You will then get a choice of colours and fonts.


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