Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance

The service began operating in April 1994 with a Bolkow Helicopter serving initially just the Lincolnshire Area. The service was extended to include Nottinghamshire in 1997. In 2000, a new helicopter was brought into service to replace the Bolkow. The new MD Explorer helicopter is capable of transporting two patients if needed or a child patient and parent to hospital. The aircraft, or "Ambucopter", can travel to any point in the county within 19 minutes from its base at RAF Waddington. The Lincs and Notts service is one of 18 dedicated services throughout the country and all are reliant on voluntary support. The service costs approx 2 million per year to run. A dedicated band of volunteers raise funds from tombolas, coffee mornings, auctions etc and sponsored events (one such volunteer even walking across the Humber Bridge BACKWARDS on 3 separate occasions!!).

An Air Ambulance Lottery was established in late 1994. for a subscription of 50p per week, punters have the chance to win one of over 40 prizes. There are four Air Ambulance shops in the region, our nearest being on Wellowgate in Grimsby. Supporters can join the SAS (Special Ambucopter Supporter). For a nominal fee per year, they receive a special pin badge that cannot be purchased, two magazines a year, certificate and an invitation to a supporters club event in the summer. Further details and application forms for the SAS and the lottery can be found on the air ambulance website

Events are covered in the Barton area. The Air Ambulance does attend fundraising events and visits in this area include the Appleby-Frodingham Gala. Anyone who would like the air ambulance to attend their event are urged to contact the head office in Lincoln for more details.

Anyone wishing to donate time and effort for "Amby" are urged to contact us at the charity head office as follows:

Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance
Bentley Drive
Bracebridge Heath
Tel 01522 548469

Anyone wishing to to contact our Barton Volunteers direct please email

The charity have a website at  that may have more details if required. Also for anyone interested, there is a National Association of Air Ambulances website at

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